Black & White photos

My first job after college was at a photo production company. I worked in the black & white dept. My job was to develop b&w film and make prints from as small as 8×10 up to 6ft! I have always liked b&w photos. Certain wedding shots look wonderful in b&w. I usually pick and handful of the best photos and convert them to b&w. To me black & white photos are timeless, versatile and simple. They have subtle but appealing tones. I even shot and entire birthday party in b&w once. There is something about them that catches your eye and makes them appealing.

Written by kathygrinstead

I grew up near Cleveland, Ohio. I went to the Ohio State University and graduated with a B.A. in Photography in 1985. I started doing wedding photography in 2005. I found that I enjoy weddings and being able to capture special moments for the bride and groom.
I have 3 sons that are grown and out of house. Two of them are twins. One son is in the Navy and our youngest son is in the Air Force Reserves. I am proud to be the mom of 3 terrific young men.
I have been married for 29 years to David.

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